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Do you want a fully finished office environment? A beautiful office space is crowned with a proper ceiling.

Beautiful and functional
Ceilings are sometimes a balancing variable. And that is a shame, because a ceiling can truly make the difference in your office. A good ceiling contributes to the appearance of the office and is functional as well. In addition to a nice finish to the room, our ceilings provide sound attenuation and insulation and can play an important role in lighting and the indoor climate. We can provide a number of flexible systems that allow you to implement the desired focus depending on the priority in your company.

Choice of materials decides
The first and most important choice with the ceiling is the choice of materials. We can supply five different system, each with their own unique properties. For instance, if sound insulation is crucial, we recommend the soft mineral fibre version, while hard mineral fibre has special fire-resistant properties. The plaster and plastic systems are more adjustable in terms of shape, colour and even print, while a wooden ceiling contributes to a more natural indoor climate. Together with you, we look at what has priority in your case.

Technology and hygiene
Behind all our ceilings, we neatly conceal your tubes, wires and pipes for you. In such a way that you can reach them easily when you need to. The same applies to lighting and climate control. And if you want, we can take care of periodic cleaning of the ceiling.

System ceilings
  • total solution for sound, light and air
  • good insulation and sound attenuation
  • easier to repair that fixed ceiling
  • good for lighting and climate control
  • fire-retardant (with mineral fibre and plastic)
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