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People feel comfortable in a bright and spacious environment. Our glass walls are designed to combine this sense of openness with privacy and comfort.

Spacious design
You can choose from different types of glass walls. With the so-called full-glass walls, glass panels are connected to each other, creating a sleek whole with a permanently open appearance. Our glass element walls consist of different elements, which are formed by an aluminium framework that can hold single or double safety glass as desired. We can install these elements horizontally or vertically and, if desired, equip them with blinds or foil to create additional privacy.

Top quality materials
Especially for glass walls, top quality is crucial; of course, for a high quality appearance, but even more so for durability and safety. Both our full-glass walls and the glass element walls meet the NEN standards in the field of fire safety, durability and sound insulation.

Depending on the situation in your office and your personal wishes, in consultation with you, we look at whether full-glass walls or glass element walls are the most suitable solution. Both types of glass walls are also perfectly movable.

Technical specifications of full-glass walls

  • tempered or laminated glass, figured glass and glass with acoustic foil
  • profiles: aluminium AIMgSi 0.5
  • glass thickness: 10, 12 of 18 mm
  • wall height: : tot circa 3000 mm
Fire and sound resistant
  • sound insulation: RW 38 dB
  • aluminium: anodized natural 10 mu) or enamelled in colour
  • caulk: transparent or black

Technical specifications of glass elements

  • height: up to 6,000 mm
  • width: up to 2,400 mm
  • blinds: 16 mm aluminium min, 550 max 1,200 x 2,300 mm
  • blinds: 25 mm aluminium min, 350 max 1,200 x 3,000 mm
  • vertical blinds: 50 mm width, max size 1,200 x 3,000 mm
Fire and sound resistant
  • sound insulation: 45 to 52 dB
  • fire resistant: 60 min
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