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When the current layout of your office does not give you the options to realise your ideas regarding furnishing and workplaces, our design walls are probably the solution you need.

Designing with walls
Do you want to create a special space in your current or new office? A round reception desk in your corporate colours, or an intimate niche in the waiting room? Want to realise a number of contemporary workplaces that the current layout cannot provide? With our special design walls, we can realise almost any idea, because we can produce them for you in any desired shape. We have put a lot of attention into the design of the walls: they have a beautifully sleek and seamless surface, are available in any colour, and frames and glass elements can be built into them if desired.

Strong and practical
Our design walls are our own design: strong and practical, made of high-quality materials and well insulated. Moreover, we can conceal all your cables in the walls, which are always an unsightly factor in the office environment.

Beautiful customisation
With our design walls, we can truly deliver custom work to your office. We give shape to your ideas with this unique wall system.

Technical specifications design walls

  • plasterboard partition wall
  • mineral wool insulation
  • aluminium omega profiles
  • wall covering vinyl, textile, paint or gypsum plaster
  • wall thickness: 100 mm
  • wall height: up to 3,000 mm
  • modulation: 1,200 mm
  • mineral wool: 45 mm
  • plasterboards: 12.5 mm
  • omega profiles AIMgSi 0.5
  • steel parts hot-dip galvanised
  • aluminium parts anodised or enamelled in colour
Fire and sound resistant
  • sound insulation: 45 to 52 dB
  • fire resistance: 60 min
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